Providing insight where there was darkness

The Brief

QHotels guests all receive a customer survey when they stay at QHotels, whether it is Leisure, Business or Events. The data used to get sent back to a Reporting system that was slow and hard-to-use.

Our challenge was to replace it with a responsive, fast and time-saving system. The challenge though wasn’t quite as simple as that. There was no documentation on how the calculations and correlations worked. We had to work out the calculations based on the output of the existing system. In other words, we had to reverse engineer it.

Our Solution

We built a custom .NET application with a batch routine for data import. The data is stored in Microsoft SQL. The Reporting system has a number of finite calculations, all of which were defined as Stored Procedures in order to provide the fastest possible method of displaying the data. Essential as the system is hosted in the Cloud and therefore reliant on data connection, which is key for a mobile team.

The final result was that calculations and reports now run in 1/10th of the time.

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