Site design and build

The Brief

KPMG Nunwood is an international award-winning Customer Experience consultancy and technology platform provider.

Nunwood wanted a significant online presence as a content producer and thought leader in Customer Experience (CX) management. With the changing market, they not only needed to continue their successful content strategy, but also to reposition their offering. Shifting further towards a technology provider.

Our Solution

We ran a series of workshops that established their brand values, their new proposition and their User Experience (UX) strategy. These provided the cornerstone for the UX expression, content development and functionality design. On sign off of three, we moved into the design phase. Experience has taught us that having the UX and content determined upfront significantly speeds up the design process.

The site was the built in Umbraco and hosted on Azure. We also managed the content migration from their existing WordPress site to Umbraco programmatically, maximising the SEO value at the same time. Reducing time both time to delivery and cost.

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