Optimising Production Scheduling

The Brief

Indespension was using Excel and paper-based techniques to draw together sales data, production data and stock data in order to determine highlight any stock or production shortages ahead of assembly. This process was essential to ensure that production is as efficient as possible and that there were no delays. However, it took a significant amount of a knowledgeable team to complete each week. It was also prone to errors like any manual process.

They asked us to produce a Decision Support system to allow them to run a series of reports that determine any shortages of materials or stock required to make a trailer ahead of production.

Problems solved

We build a system that drew together

  • Product Look up at a Component and subcomponent level
  • Product Look up at a Material and Production department level
  • Open Works Orders
  • DRP Orders
  • Open Sales Orders
  • Stock Availability
  • Components
  • Stock Queries

And produces this reporting functionality:

  • Gap Analysis Report that indicates where the shortages of material and stock are a week/s ahead of production
  • Monthly Production Schedule
  • Monthly Production Plan
  • Product Stock Queries
  • S/O Stock Enquiry
  • W/O Stock Enquiry
  • Fabrication and Laser Plans


A changed business. One that is saving significant amounts of time not compiling reports with potential errors in them. One that has significantly reduced its out-of-stock during assembly issues and that is delivering more products on time to customers.

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