Application Performance

Keep old apps for longer

We specialise in troubleshooting .NET and VB6 applications that run on Microsoft SQL. They tend to be applications that are critical to a business yet a little long in the tooth but, are too expensive to replace. Our sweet spot is extending the life of those applications - saving you money.

By looking holistically

Just as a bad back may be caused by a poor walking gait, performance problems cannot be looked at in isolation. Applications have many potential points of failure. We therefore always take a holistic view, looking at: application code, cloud providers, data centre infrastructure, virtualised resources, and response time across locations.

…and business perspectives

We prefer not to give our secrets away entirely, but here is a taster of the areas that we look at:

  • ADO.NET Performance Architecture and Design Review for Performance and Scalability

  • ASP.NET Performance

  • Caching Client side code

  • Database design

  • Enterprise Services

  • Performance Hosting arrangement

  • Serialisation Performance

  • Interop Performance

  • Managed Code Performance

  • Remoting Performance

  • Stored procedure performance

  • SQL Server Performance

  • Web Services Performance

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