Bespoke Software Development

Speed of thinking and speed of development

With experience of designing and developing software across multiple sectors, we grasp the concept of what you are trying to achieve quickly from both a business and also a technology perspective.

Our experience translates your business concept quickly into a detailed understanding of what’s required to turn that into a software reality.

Coupled with our unique tools to develop web-based applications 4X faster than our rivals, we deliver. Avoiding a delayed delivery can be the difference between success and failure.

With a compelling financial model

We are business people, if there is an opportunity to share the risk and therefore reward, we will take it. Whether that is:

  • Shared IP ownership
  • A royalty arrangement
  • Revenue shared
  • Joint venture

Why? Because we recognise the potential long-term rewards of product or service development can bring to our business. With no corporate limitations, we are free to make business agreement that work for all parties.

Product areas

The types of products that we are expert in developing: Dashboards; Audit software; Salesforce automation; Survey Reporting; Customer Satisfaction Software; Project Management Software; Retail Reporting; Financial Services portals; Insurance system integration; Self-Service intranets and Customer Portals.

That works for all business sizes

Whether you are a start-up or a division of a large corporate, we design and build products that transform our clients’ business offerings - large and small, and across a variety of different sectors.

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