Microsoft Stack


Pragmatic Technology selection

Our primary focus is on business value. Technology doesn't take a back-seat, but it has got to work and it has to be predictable. This makes us different to most technology firms perhaps? We aren't especially bothered by using the just-released technology, it introduces unnecessary risk. That risk affects us and you. Our job is to reduce risk and to deliver results.

Why we use the Microsoft Stack

The advantages of the Microsoft Stack are well documented. We choose to use it because it is relevant to all sizes of client business. It is Enterprise-grade, as well as being applicable to smaller systems. This spectrum of use is reflective of our client base.

The second reason that we chose it is risk. When you are solving business problems or creating new opportunities using technology, the important factor to manage is risk. Risk of delays, failure, financial over-runs and so on. A stable technology stack, and one where you have 15 years of experience, allowing us to focus on the business, not the technology.


How we use it

Our approach is contemporary in many respects and old-fashioned in others. For example, we still prefer to design our databases at the outset rather than infer them through code. In our world, the Model of the MVC pattern is the haven of the application's business logic. Get that right and you have generated longevity and performance into the system.

Yes, it is more complex this way, which is perhaps why others do it less, and it does mean that it takes a more time before development starts and you get to see something. When designing business system it is through the cornerstone on which you build and from where performance and longevity come.

There's the contemporary too, we are in favour of introducing micro-services where possible. It de-risks the development. It improves system longevity as parts of the system can be upgraded or changed without the whole system being re-written. It speeds up development because more than one team can work on the specific parts of the system. Also, it allows for easier extension of the system (to do more things) or scalability (to do more of the same thing).

How does this help you?

System Longevity

Database design captures business processes. Encoding those unlocks system longevity.


Proven products used when they are mature enough and with experience delivers robustness.


Excellent database design generates speed.

Risk Reduction

Through experience and having the right approach.

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