Professional Services

Integration with SSP Insurance platform to provider a customer extranet

The Brief

Aegon DMS create partner-branded insurance products. With a recent change in legislation, Aegon needed to reach its customer base effectively (providing a clear audit trail) and (cost) efficiently in order to allow them to move from one policy to another via a self-service solution. In other words, self-service and not using the phone.

Our Solution

From a technical perspective, the first task was to explore the correct method of integration between our self-service service solution and the Aegon’s broking system (SSP). Without any form of API, we had to build a custom convertor that transformed the data from in Word documents generated by SSP into XML that could be imported into the Portal – and also back the other way. The import routine had to handle exceptions and changes, running hourly.

Thereafter, we developed the ID and Validation policies; designed the self-service platform, the call centre application and architected the integration points.

From a business perspective, we conducted workshops to determine approaches for Customer journey mapping and Customer service rep integration.

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