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We've been developing Content Managed sites since 2003. We have delivered hundreds of sites. Helping businesses and organisations of all sizes to create and publish relevant content for multiple audiences across geographical areas.

Letting them take complete control of all their content within their site: images, copy, videos, blogs, communities. As well as easy-to-use SEO and Accessibility compliance. Delivering it to multiple channels content via various touchpoint e.g. tablets, handhelds, and desktop.


Which CMSs have we selected

Our clients tend to want a CMS that is effective but doesn't come with a hefty licence fee or monthly cost. We selected Kentico and Umbraco as our preferred CMSs because with our experience they are the fastest and simplest Content Management Systems to develop against. This reduces cost and risk.

Cost has generally been a key aspect for most clients. Umbraco is free. Kentico is affordable. Kentico's one-off Licence model is simple to understand and priced to attract. Its broad feature-set, from CMS to eCommerce, from intranet to blog management, makes it attractive to firms who want breadth and value for money.

Kentico is also easy to extend its functionality and integrate it with other existing systems and services that a client may have - for example, we integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV to provide ERP integrated eCommerce. That extensibility adds significant value.

Key facts to consider

GDPR Compliant

Kentico and Umbraco are is GDPR compliant and Kentico has built-in marketing preference management and opt-in/out for forms.

Zero Cost License

Umbraco is free and with our unique licence agreement with Kentico, if you host with us then you can enjoy all of the features with no licence fee.

Technology set

Both CMSs follow the same development approach and use the same technology set, making our experience deeper and more scalable.


Our experience in this area and that we focuss on two, very similar CMSs, reduces your risk and the development cost.

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