Investor in Customers

Digitally enabling a business

The Brief

Investor in Customers (IIC) came to us to digitise their business. As a market leading Customer Experience (CX) consultancy, IIC receives survey feedback from customers, employees and management teams using verified survey methodology.

This holistic view is essential to understand how different parts of their clients' businesses are working and what different types of stakeholders think. This approach gives real depth and dimension to the resulting insight.

Using this insight, then IIC offers consultancy to create an achievable plan of action to immediate customer service improvement. IIC will help resource any initiatives a client doesn't have the time or expertise to deliver themselves.

IIC previously had been surveying using third-party tools and then analysing the data using various Microsoft Office products. IIC wanted to digitise this process: creating their own survey management software and analyse tools in order improve internal efficiencies, speed up response times and free up valuable consultant time for greater analysis.

Our Solution

A custom .NET application with integration points to enable survey consolidation, results management, client management and complex reporting. Custom built reporting engine to allow dynamic data interrogation using Microsoft PowerBI and export to Microsoft Office products.

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