Strategic Consultancy

Joining business and technology

Whether that takes the form of developing strategic technology roadmap; rescuing a failed - or failing - software initiative or development; or the development of a UX strategy.

For both large and small organisations, we provide Strategic Consultancy that develops technology and UX strategies and designs business applications that enable business growth and deliver value to their customers. We often find ourselves as the 'bridge' between Business and IT.

By understanding both IT…

We understand from IT's perspective what it means to deliver new technology and the associated implications on support; training; hardware; and maintenance. We understand that as an IT Department - when you are not managing your voice, data and application infrastructure or answering calls from distressed users - your focus is on delivering company-wide, core-infrastructure applications. But despite a desire to do so, sometimes solving departmental specific challenges and developing ad-hoc applications – especially since BYOD – is something you might run out of time to deliver.

…and business perspectives

From the other side of the coin, we also know what a good business strategy looks like. We understand the frustration that smart business people have when they know what is possible with IT, but they can't seem to get IT to move at the speed they want or move in the same direction.

Letting us help IT teams

We appreciate that working with an external software development company might seem like a challenge. That’s why when we’re working with you, we consider ourselves an extension of your enterprise IT team, we’ll support you and aim to make you look good - not to make your life harder.

By making use of our professional and methodical application development skills, you can increase your capacity to deliver for your business without putting additional management strain or pressure on your department. You can also use us to rescue a software project or to optimise the performance of an existing application or database.

And business teams alike

We appreciate that you are probably experienced in working with external providers. You expect high standards of professionalism, excellent cross-industry knowledge, and the ability to learn about your business quickly and unobtrusively.

We deliver against those standards, we also build excellent relationships with the IT teams within your organisation - because through partnership with them we will turn the strategy into the execution.

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