AI and Business Intelligence


Enriching your data

We often use Microsoft Cognitive Services, Azure and Machine Learning to augment the the datasets that we use for reporting and analytics.

Whether that is adding third party data, exploring for patterns that may not be obvious in the data, or enriching the data through speech to text, translation, image recognition and so on.

Designing reports that work for you

The systems that we build either run businesses or a department within a business, so understanding what is happening within that system and the associated business processes is essential. Creating bespoke reports that provide you with the insight from any system that we build for you is a need is a key part of what we do.

We spend time with you understanding what metrics you need in order to make decisions and to put these decisions into action. We then build reports that run quickly, are robust and, most importantly, are easy to understand.


Working with you to discover new insights

Sometimes you don't know what you don't know. There are surprises within all of our businesses. Those surprises are often uncovered through analytics. We work with you collaboratively to uncover the unknown within your business. Helping you to change business processes or customer offering. Our preferred BI suite is PowerBI.

Funnelling that understanding into better outcomes

Whether it's enriching existing data, powerful reporting or understand new aspects of your business, it's essential that understanding is fed into action to drive better outcomes. We work with you to help prioritise those insights, implementing only those that balance business value and effort correctly for your business.


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