Digital Transformation is no longer optional

We work with Company Directors, who need either to automate their business or create new possibilities

Our clients work with us because they want a partner who has the insight to make it happen, one they can rely on. Experienced in a significant number of sectors, we understand businesses – no matter the sector or the complexity – which means we deliver better value, faster and are easier to work with.

Delivering transformation, sooner and for less cost. 


Areas of Expertise

Digital Transformation

We design and build systems that transform our clients’ businesses, large and small, and across a variety of different sectors. Saving costs and/or creating new opportunities. Dashboards; Audit software; Salesforce automation; Survey Reporting; Customer Satisfaction Software; Project Management Software; Retail Reporting; Financial Services portals; Insurance system integration; Self-Service intranets and Customer Portals.

Digital Transformation Consultancy

For both large and small organisations, we provide Strategic Consulting on Digital Transformation. We help you develop business and technology strategies that transform your business - enabling business growth and delivering value to customers. We often find ourselves as the 'bridge' between Business and IT. Helping you align technology with your business change.

Systems Integration

Digital Transformation draws together systems, inter-connects business processes and links your data, with the aim of transforming the business and unlocking value. We have experience integrating Accounting, CRM; ERP; HR and custom-built systems using Web Services. Drawing "third party" products together creates a new generation of bespoke software.

Mobile App Development

We design and develop mobile business applications that help change processes and create opportunities: salesforce data capture; Health & Safety Audit; Global Mobility; Task tracking; Task assignment; ChatBots, Bots and Reporting.

Database Development

We are experts in creating bespoke Microsoft SQL Server databases that deliver Digital Transformation through business efficiency, helping you see operational trends and scale your business.

Web Applications & Website Development

Our heritage is in developing engaging, secure web applications and sites which are cross-browser compatible and responsive - with excellent UX as standard. Development of Custom AI-Powered Bots is our future. Unlocking the next phase of Digital Transformation.

Application Performance

Just as a bad back may be caused by poor walking gait, application performance problems cannot be looked at in isolation. Applications have many potential points of failure. We take a holistic view to solve performance issues with Microsoft technology stack applications.

Professional Support Services

We offer end-to-end services, supporting you during post-development -including second-line support; maintenance; enhancements; data migration; data management and rescuing failing software projects. We maintain and securely host applications in our dedicated, high availability infrastructure.

Bot Development

Bot development creates new opportunities for your business. Adding neatly to it, Bots enable your customers, staff and stakeholders to interact with your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on an unprecedented level of scale, using a Natural Language.

Product Development

With experience of designing and developing software across multiple sectors, we are expert in developing new software products quickly. If there is an opportunity to share the risk and therefore reward, we will take it.