Cloud Services

Office 365 and Azure Hosting

Office 365

Office 365 will change the way your organisation works. No matter the size of your organisation, you get access to the full suite of enterprise-grade collaboration and productivity tools – all available in the secure Cloud. 

Plus, your employees get access to the latest updates to Office 2016 apps they know and understand how to use. Get in touch to find out more.

The migration approach for you

Your organisation is unique. We work with you to select the right approach and package. Most importantly, we take responsibility to migrate your existing files and mailboxes to the Cloud. There is no business disruption. We take the time to understand your productivity requirements and assess the best way to move you to the Cloud.

Global compliant security

An ever-evolving challenge for organisations today is the heightened risk of cybercrime. With Office 365, Microsoft handles your security. Built-in security and compliancy features that meet globally recognised cloud security standards ensure your data is protected, remain compliant and avoid any audit headaches.

Employee Engagement

By utilising the tools available within Office 365, your organisation can create a central platform for driving employee engagement, collaboration and productivity that will help you meet your business goals. In addition, a move to the cloud will provide IT departments with flexibility and control of infrastructure while reducing overall IT costs.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a collection of integrated Cloud Services that work perfectly with other Microsoft solutions. With us as your Azure Partner, you can leverage all of Microsoft’s Cloud technology to achieve more for less.

Azure lets you create a secure, reliable cloud infrastructure. Whether you want to go with an all-in Cloud infrastructure or a hybrid Cloud/On-Premise approach, Azure gives you cloud in a familiar Microsoft environment. We are here to guide you on your cloud journey – and to support you afterwards.

Azure is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to restrictive on-site hardware, saving you money as you only pay for exactly what you use with flexible monthly subscription payments. 

It features highly reliable security and compliance as standard, and DR. IT can scale as your business demands.

Looking to migrate to the Cloud?

Our team of experienced cloud specialists can migrate you from on-site servers into Azure, with minimal downtime - securely. We don’t just provide a lift-and-shift approach, we add value for customers with each migration we complete. You will benefit from a reliable, cost-effective solution that is specifically architected for you based on your business needs.

Managed Services

Our team of experienced Cloud professionals are here to support and maintain your platform long-term for you. Our IT managed services team is dedicated to providing the highest service standards and customer care, which we consistently deliver through responsiveness, honesty, flexibility and technical innovation. Your cloud is continually reviewed for anything requiring improvement, or any areas with cost-saving potential.


If your business already has the cloud, we are here to provide Azure consultancy and help you get the most out of your Cloud environment. We take the time to understand the Cloud environment you have now, and where it needs to be to deliver value going forwards.

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