Database Development

Helping your business run efficiently

Putting the database at the heart of your business

We create powerful Microsoft SQL Server databases that drive business efficiency, helping you see operational trends and scale your business. At the heart of most business software applications is a database which co-ordinates functionality and stores mission critical data.

Irrespective of the size of your business

Whether you’re a Blue-Chip firm that needs a full-featured enterprise database, or a local retail business who has expanded and found that spreadsheets and Access databases are now limiting your effectiveness - we can help.

We have experience in offline, online, in the Cloud, on a desktop, mobile or server-side database development. We will work with you to get to the right approach for you.

Giving you real-time intelligence

All the databases that we create enable you to carry out real-time reporting and data analysis simply and quickly – so your people can get on with their jobs instead of having to spend hours extracting meaningful information.

Underpinned by enterprise class technology

Our technology of choice is Microsoft SQL Server, including extensive use of the core Database Engine, Integration, Analysis and Reporting services.

SQL Server is recognised as the de-facto standard for affordable, secure, stable, scalable and fast storage and retrieval of data for any scenario. We can also work with MySQL, if preferred.

Developed using proven techniques

At the front end, we use primarily browser-based technology such as HTML5, served by ASP.NET MVC and C# programming. We also create WPF desktop and mobile applications. We architect solutions with SQL Server at the heart of everything, but build applications in a scalable de-coupled fashion. This means if a re-design of the front-end is ever required, or a completely new front-end built – much of the underlying “number crunching” and “data access” code can be retained. We achieve this via the use of SQL Stored Procedures, where appropriate, and well-designed web-service layers using industry standards such as RESTful APIs.

With security you need

Microsoft SQL server – our technology of choice – has been voted the most secure database five years in a row and one of the most popular databases globally.

The security of your database – the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your company’s most sensitive data – is paramount to us. Any data held on mission critical systems will confirm to multiple security standards and are locked down from the outside world.

Firms in the healthcare, education, financial services and insurance industries – all of whom require the highest degree of security possible – have trusted us with their data.