Business Systems

Helping your business run more efficiently

Systems built around your business

Our business systems either solve a business problem or create new opportunities for your business, or business unit, specifically. Fitting neatly around your business, rather than your business fitting around the system.

That transform your business

Unlocking business performance through: Dashboards; Audit software; Salesforce automation; Survey Reporting; Customer Satisfaction Software; Project Management Software; Retail Reporting; Financial Services portals; Insurance system integration; Self-Service intranets and Customer Portals.

Delivered by people with a track record

We have developed hundreds of bespoke business systems over the last 15 years from CRM systems to ERP systems. Systems that integrate with on-premise legacy applications. Systems that fit existing ways of working. Hosted in the Cloud securely, or hosted by our clients.

Using proven technology

Most software firms are just interested in using the latest technology. We do the opposite. We use the tried and tested Microsoft technologies - that we know work.

With a compelling financial model

Fixed price using Waterfall development is our preferred approach. Giving you certainty over what you will get and when.

With a slight difference through: we run the Specification Phase as Time & Materials.

Why? Because when it comes to business systems: the better the specification; the better the outcome. Run this way, it ensures that our client have vested interests and active participation in defining the specification. This leads to better specifications and outcomes.

That works for all business sizes

We design and build systems that transform our clients’ businesses - large and small, and across a variety of different sectors. When there isn’t a product that you can buy off-the-shelf, our software fits your business and business practices. It integrates with your existing systems. Simply. Cost effectively. And is owned by you.