Application Performance

Keeping a valuable application for longer

Keep old apps for longer

We specialise in troubleshooting .NET and VB6 applications that run on Microsoft SQL. They tend to be applications that are critical to a business yet a little long in the tooth but, are too expensive to replace. Our sweet spot is extending the life of those applications - saving you money.

By looking holistically

Just as a bad back may be caused by poor walking gait, performance problems cannot be looked at in isolation. Applications have many potential points of failure. We therefore always take a holistic view, looking at: application code, cloud providers, data centre infrastructure, virtualised resources, and response time across locations.

And thinking smartly

We prefer not to give our secrets away entirely, but here is a taster of the areas that we look at:

ADO.NET Performance Architecture and Design Review for Performance and Scalability
ASP.NET Performance
Caching Client side code
Database design
Enterprise Services
Performance Hosting arrangement
Interop Performance
Managed Code Performance
Remoting Performance
Stored procedure performance
SQL Server Performance
Web Services Performance
Serialisation Performance