Professional Services firm

Automating Knowledge Management

Development of Knowledge Management Bot

Project description

A multi-national Professional Services firm came to us to develop a Knowledge Map Bot and to put in place a Bot strategy for the whole firm. The bot needed to position the firm as leader in the practical application AI and Machine Learning. Its function was to allow employees to ask it what the firm's position was on a number of business topics, who was expert in those topics in the firm and how to learn more in order to track and convert client opportunities. The future development path is to fold in more task based functionality to allow employees to be more productive.


The first step was to create a Proof-of-Concept that demonstrated the potential and limitation of a Bot to the firm. Understanding what was possible shaped a series of workshops. The goal of those workshops was to determine if the business could generate enough bot friendly questions to justify the development of a bot. Groups of employees were given the task of generating questions assuming they could query specified data sources and functionality. We then worked with them to determine if the structure and content of those questions were answer-able (easily) by a bot using the Microsoft Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS).

From there, we managed:

  • SharePoint 365 integration
  • Bot development
  • LUIS integration
  • LUIS training
  • Bot deployment
  • Security and encryption

We built in "Refinement questions" to focus the results and a feedback process in order to provided structured feedback for us to train LUIS further on the "utterances" and the "intent".


UX, Business Analysis, Bot development, LUIS, Database design and Integration

Project details
  • Client : Professional Services firm
  • Category : Bot Development
  • Date Created : June 2017