Genesis Sports

Process management and CRM system; managing bespoke orders from sports clubs, cutting thousands of admin hours

Unlocking business value through business process enablement

Project description
The Brief

Genesis Sports has been the PUMA Licensee for PRO Teamsports in the UK and Ireland since 2002. Working closely with Football and Rugby teams they create innovative, resilient and quality Technical Kit and Trainingwear.

Genesis Sports designs, manufactures and distributes Kit, Trainingwear, Leisurewear and Accessories to individual club specifications, including the design and manufacture for clubs under their own brand label.

Their challenge was that they were managing the order taking, the personalisation and the customisation of the kit manually; using a series of spreadsheets to manage the order taking process of their non-pro Teamwear business; emailing sets of Photoshop documents backwards and forwards between them and the clubs as the kit design was finalised.

When they started Excel and Photoshop was the right combination. It was flexible, fast and they already had the software. But it swiftly proved very labour intensive both for their clients and them. It was just inefficient. They needed a system that blended the convenience of Excel and Photoshop with the control, security and accountability of a mature business system. That’s where Skyron got involved.


The first step involved us following a Discovery phase, mapping out the different data sources, their formats and frequency of updates in order to determine a functional, consolidated database design. The product combinations and customisation options ran into the thousands.

Establishing a well-considered database design was the cornerstone of the system’s success. Only by fully understanding Genesis' business, goals and systems, were we able to create an intelligent database design.

Understanding how businesses work is a passion of ours. A lot of technology firms like focusing on the technology, we don’t. We like to focus on the business, how it makes money and how our software can make it more money.

Having that deep understanding helps you design and build systems that are right intuitively for the business. Systems that either help save, or make money.

We built a Flash front-end as product configurator, accessing the database. Teams meet with their local Genesis Sports business development manager and work through what they want and how they want it to look, together, using the product configurator. The final view is saved as a product configuration ready for sign off.

On sign off, our system sends the order to the Genesis production management system for manufacture and shipping.

Within months of moving to the new system, the process time to completion was cut by over 50% and most importantly, they could rely on it.


UX, Business Analysis, Database design, .NET framework and Microsoft SQL

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