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Bespoke reporting dashboard hooked to a number of different business systems

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Project description
The Brief

Compass Group plc (LSE: CPG) is the largest contract foodservice company in the world, serving 4 billion meals in over 50 countries.

Compass’ challenge was that it was using a 250MB Excel spreasheet to track and manage its KPIs for its Eurest division. The Excel sheet would often fail to open because of its size, causing even well-spec’d machines to crash. The most accurate and insightful data is useless if it can’t be accessed to make essential business decisions.

Our challenge was to put in place a Reporting system that was accessible, easy to use, cross device compatible and easy to maintain.


We built a custom .NET application with a batch routine for data import. The data is stored in Microsoft SQL. The Reporting system has a number of finite calculations, all of which were defined as Stored Procedures in order to provide the fastest possible method of displaying the data. Essential, as the system is hosted on Compass’ private cloud and therefore reliant on data connection - key for a mobile team.

The Reporting system provides data by KPI across business units, and by business units across all KPIs. The data rolls up to the company level and down to the individual unit – of which there are thousands.

The system is a based around a RAG (Red, Amber, Green) traffic light system, with dynamically configurable thresholds for the different status. It also features short-term KPIs, which were non-monthly or periodic, allowing the business to promote and focus on hitting defined key measures.

Since its launch in 2014, it has been extended and rolled out to other parts of Compass’ business.


UX, Business Analysis, Database design, .NET framework and Microsoft SQL

Project details
  • Client : Compass Group
  • Category : Dashboard
  • Date Created : Autumn 2014
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