About Us

Who we are and how we work

It's about your business

Your business objectives are the cornerstone of what we do. You might be aiming for increased revenue, reduced costs, higher employee satisfaction or better-informed investors. Whatever the drivers, we are experts at uncovering those objectives and delivering against them.

Business, UX and Technology

We have a rare blend of skills. We understand business drivers, complex business processes, data integrity, systems integration and UX. Doing so creates useable software that unlocks business value.

Established and Experienced

Since our early days in 2003, we have worked on thousands of assignments: from financial applications to customisable B2B mobile apps and extranets reaching thousands of users around the world.

Senior Team

Martin Bell

Technical Director

Gareth Phillips

Managing Director

Mark Wheeldin

Technical Architect

Mark Jacobs

Hosting Manager

Emily Dear

Head of Project Management

Paul Cass

Head of Web Development

Our Business Model

Fixed price using Waterfall development. Giving you certainty over what you will get and when. With a slight difference though: we run the Specification Phase as Time & Materials.

Why? Because when it comes to business systems: the better the specification; the better the outcome. Run this way, it ensures that a client has a vested interest and active participation in specification. This leads to better specifications and outcomes.

Tools of our trade

How we work

Our Development Approach

We only ever use Agile methodologies when we are developing prototypes. For traditional production projects, we believe in using a waterfall approach.

Where we work

We don’t work on-site. We visit. We capture requirements with you. But we always develop remotely and demo on-site.

About Us

We are not an army of developers. We don’t body-shop and we don’t claim to be larger than we are. We are a hard-working team that has worked closely together for several years.