Beautiful software

to enable your business


  • Self-Service & eCommerce

    Our systems make your business available to your customers, employees and partners 24/7 - across multiple devices. Cut cost and boost revenue.

  • Content Management & Marketing Automation

    Our Kentico sites integrate your online marketing, web content management, e-commerce, communities, and intranets. Intelligent persona-driven marketing. ​

  • Management Information Dashboards

    Get accurate, well-presented KPIs on your business, when and where you need them. Follow our simple and effective approach to Management Information.

  • Data Integration & System Consolidation

    Achieve more with less effort by bringing disparate systems and databases together.

  • Replacing Excel with a Business System

    Scrap your spreadsheets: streamline your processes, structure your workflow and centralise your information.

  • Mobile web and app development

    Capture, share and review whatever the device, whatever the data: Audits, Training, MI.

About us

  • Our skillset

    • Digital Strategy
    • User Experience
    • Design
    • Analytics
    • Databases
    • Development
    • Integration
    • Hosting
    • Application Performance
    • Support Services
  • Our solutions

    • Windows 8, Android, iOS mobile applications
    • Analytical Reporting
    • Business Intelligence
    • Management Information
    • Web Services / Web APIs
    • Integration platforms
    • Business Management applications
    • Web-based business applications
    • Self-service portals
  • Technologies we use

    • Microsoft SQL Server, Azure
    • .NET, WCF, SOAP, REST, Web API
    • Windows 8, Android, iOS
    • Microsoft Power Pivot
    • Microsoft Power View
    • Microsoft Office 2013
    • Microsoft BI Solution Builder
    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • CMS: Kentico, EpiServer, Umbraco

We know what's important to you and for that reason we strive to ensure that all our work ticks all the relevant boxes:

  • Accessible

    Native or web-based systems accessible across multiple devices

  • Future-proof

    Web-based techology ensures inter-operability and future compatibility

  • Licence free

    You own the Intellectual Property

  • Reliable

    Continuously tried and tested solutions; 24/7 support; rock-solid architecture

  • Scalable

    Grows with your business: add users, functionality or data; private cloud hosting

  • Secure

    Industry standard encryption; penetration tested; Active Directory and Tivoli integration

  • Tailored

    Designed and built to match your specific business requirements

  • Trackable

    KPI-driven performance tracking and reporting on both users and systems

  • Usable

    Designed for and tested by users throughout the production process